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    Testimonial by Sarah Robinson

    Visiting from Perth and this is the best fish and chips I’ve had in a very long time! Being good Friday they were extremely busy, but the staff were super friendly and polite and the wait was definitely worth it! Highly recommend!

    Sarah Robinson

  • Testimonial by Carolj

    This business is basically a takeaway food shop although there is minimum seating if you want to eat your food there. Everything is homemade and as well as sandwiches, rolls, wraps and very interesting salads, there is also a variety of cooked meals ready to take home if you wish. My favourite though is the freshly cooked fish and chips. The fish is freshly caught locally, with not a piece of hoki or flake to be seen! The very generous portion is cooked to perfection and served with complimentary slices of lemon. It is to die for. I can’t speak highly enough of this place.



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